Closed Loop System

  • Move heated fluid vertically or sideways
  • Use on columns, bridge decks and other complex applications.
  • Uses no external reservoirs.
  • Maximize heat and fuel efficiency

Multi Zone Layout
Use one zone for smaller jobs. The use of multiple zones creates higher return temps for a quicker and more effective thaw. Zone heat control throughout the layout equalizes heat for more consistent concrete curing.

Heavy Duty Hose Reel
Reel has: high/low speed, forward/reverse, and a direct drive gear box assembly for durability.  An easy Soft start/stop control during hose layout and take-up makes for less wear and tear Freewheel option for faster setup. Auto-electric brake for transportation.

Fuel Heater
Adds 4% fuel savings with optimum fuel burn temp, assists boiler at high altitudes, prevents gelling in extreme cold weather.