Whether you’re hauling sod, equipment, gravel or anything else, 360 Rents has the Big Tex Trailer for you. Get to work with trailers for sale or rent which one-man contracting teams and large business have been trusting for years throughout Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities!

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Big Tex Trailers

Big Tex Trailers have been the trusted, professional trailer choice of companies across the country for more than 30 years. These trailers are made with:

  • framing fixtures to ensure maximum symmetry and alignment;
  • heavy gauge low carbon high alloyed steel;
  • two braking systems for reliable braking; and
  • diverse options, from small single-axle utility trailers to heavy-duty equipment haulers.

For nearly any application you’ll find a Big Tex Trailer at 360 Rents which can move what needs to be moved to keep your job moving forward.

Trusted Dealer

With a long track record and great reviews, you know you’ll get a great deal on a new or used Big Tex Trailer right here at 360 Rents.

Flexible Rentals

Whether you need a Big Tex Trailer for a week or six months, we offer flexibility in your rental agreement so you can keep it as long as the job lasts.

Delivery & Pickup

We offer delivery and pickup service for your trailer across Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities. And if your job site moves, we’ll help you get resituated as needed.


At 360 Rents, we keep our Big Tex Trailers in Rental Ready condition. With regular maintenance, inspections and on-site personnel, you can have confidence in our equipment’s reliability.

Free Consultation

If you know you need to haul material or equipment but aren’t sure what size or style of trailer to get, give us a call!

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