Winter Construction Equipment

Winter is a beast. The weather can cause injuries to workers, slow construction and ruin concrete. With specialized winter construction equipment from 360 Rents, you can keep your team working on schedule, safely and efficiently, no matter the weather!

We have an extensive inventory of rental heating equipment from Flex-Temp to keep your winter construction project moving forward!

Whether you’re located right here in Central Minnesota, on the East Coast, West Coast or Canada, we can deliver winter construction equipment directly to your job site.

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Featured Winter Construction Equipment

Flex-Temp Fusion

Available as the Fusion 1400 or the Fusion 3000, both are industry workhorses and the necessary equipment to keep your construction schedule on track, even at -30° F. Both are capable of being towed by a pickup. The Flex Guard containment system protects against spills, and the one-touch start capability allows for easy operation and both are capable of being towed by a pickup.

The Fusions have been used by construction companies like Kraus-Anderson, Ryan Companies and Mortenson, the general contractor which built U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings. From huge projects like the stadium to general construction, home building and oil fields to gas fields, Fusion can do it all.

Flex-Temp Hydro

Available as the Hydro 200 or Hydro 500, both are electric, hydronic heaters and are perfect for small custom application for thawing the ground warming/curing concrete, protecting pipelines, unfreezing septic systems or heating containers!

The Hydro 200 can thaw up to 400 square feet and cure up to 800 square feet of concrete off of a 120 volt power supply. It puts out more than 8,500 BTUs.

The Hydro 500 can thaw up to 1,000 square feet and cure up to 2,000 square feet of concrete off of a 240 volt power supply. It puts out more than 30,000 BTUs.

The Hydro is ideal for the oil and gas industries, general construction, bridge construction, and more.

Flex-Temp Indy

For portable interior heat, turn to the Flex-Temp Indy! Heat up to 1,000,000 BTUs without contaminated air. The Indy provides clean air, free from moisture and contaminated fumes with the use of indirect-fired technology. Your crew can run up to 100 feet of duct per heater.

The Indy is ideal for oil wells, wind turbines, bridge construction and more.

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